Products and Services



Bees are in high demand.  We help to fill that demand by providing spring package bees, nucleus colonies (nucs), and locally raised queens.



We want to be your go-to source for beekeeping equipment.  Whether you have 1 hive or 100 hives, think Apis Enterprises.  We provide both new and clean refurbished equipment.

Apiary Management


Do you like the idea of having bees but not sure you have the time to properly care for them?  We can help.  We provide care and monitoring for a nominal fee tailored to your needs.  This includes the ability to detect and treat for common honeybee ailments and pests.

Honey and Honey Processing


We provide honey processing for area beekeepers. Not sure how to harvest honey?  Don't worry, we can help.  

Looking for honey? We can help there too.  Whether you are looking for sample sizes to gallons, we have you covered.

Bottles, Containers, and Labeling


Make your products your own.  With a huge selection of bottles and containers, we're sure to have the right one to meet your needs.  Need packaging ideas for lip balm, honey, make-up, candles, or creams?  Send us a message and we'll help with some suggestions.

Education and Training


You're never too young or old to enjoy everything bees have to offer.  We're committed to making sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy them like we do.  We can provide classes and demonstrations for your group or club.  Contact us to learn more.