About Us

Who are we?

We are a local business that is veteran owned and operated.  We share our passion for bees while promoting pollinator sustainability.   To that end we not only sell bees and related products but we also share our knowledge and experience for the benefit of our customers.

What does Apis mean?

Apis is a Latin word that describes the group of honey making insects.  It is the root word for beekeeping terms like apiary and apiculture.  

Community Involvement

Apis Enterprises is involved with local beekeeping clubs in Indiana and supports beekeepers throughout the region.  We work with local groups and organizations to provide education, assistance, and fundraising opportunities.   Apis Enterprises is a certified member of Indiana Grown and Homegrown by Heroes.

Help save the bees!

 If you want to help and support our mission, click the button below and we'll use those funds toward that goal.  Would you like more accountability?  Send us a message and we will show you how we use those funds or we will direct them for a special project based on your input. 

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